Stafford Township Historical Society

Heritage Park

       The Heritage Park of Stafford Township stands as a reminder of yesteryear for the surrounding community. The park is on West Bay Ave, just west of Rt. 9 and across from the A Paul King Park which is on Manahawkin Lake.
       Within the park is the rebuilt Old Stone Store which stands today in the same place it did in the mid to late 1700s. Rt 9, formerly Broadway, used to curve from the traffic light at Rt. 9 and Bay Ave. and run straight in front of the store. Old Stone StoreWhen Rt. 72 was put through, the coarse of Rt. 9 was changed and the store no longer had a road but a 20 ft berm to open its doors up to.

       Also in the park is the Manahawkin Train Station which has been moved from its original location at Letts and Stafford Ave. about where Larry's Barber shop now stands. The insides have been refinished and you can still see the many years of use scuffed into the floor. It will hopefully be soon turned into a museum for Stafford.