Battle of Cedar Bridge


General Safety Procedures for Reenactors

  1. Safety of spectators and reenactors shall be the first priority at all times.
  2. General Rules of Engagement and Standard Safety Operating Procedure should be in effect at all times.
  3. All firearms are to be submitted for safety inspection before discharge.
  4. Within 40 yards of a spectator or other reenactors, weapons are to be elevated before discharge.
  5. No ramrods may be used during engagements for reloading purposes.
  6. Except during static demonstrations, no fixed bayonets on weapons.
  7. No live rounds are permitted.
  8. Reenactors are to be responsible for their personal safety at all times.
  9. Black Powder Safety Regulations will be in effect

Unit Name (Please print) ____________________________________

Unit Affiliation (American, British, Militia, Federal, CSA, etc.) ____________________________________

Unit Commander Name _________________________________

Contact Name _________________________________

Contact Address _________________________________

City______________________________ State _____ Zip Code ____________

Contact Daytime Phone Number ____ __________ E-Mail ____________________

Number of Men at Arms ________ Campfollowers ________ Children _________

Will Artillery be participating? Type ___________ Number of crew __________

Number of Wedge Tents __________ Wall Tents __________ Dining Flys _________

Marquis __________ Music _______________________________________

Returning this form signifies that we have read and agree to act according to the safety standards of the Manahawkin Good Old Days. We hereby indemnify the Stafford Township Historical Society, the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce, Stafford Township, and their respective employees and volunteers from any injuries or tort action arising from the reenactment at the “Battle of Cedar Bridge” as part of the Manahawkin Good Old Days. We agree to allow our images to be used in photographs of this event and in the production of a documentary of this reenactment.

Signature of responsible agent _______________________________________ Date ______

Name (print) __________________________

Please attach or enclose a copy of the declarations page of your insurance with this form

Mail to:

Timothy Hart
50 West Bay Avenue
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(609) 597-5947 Fax (609) 597-0554