Battle of Cedar Bridge

Last Battle of the American War of Independence
[Including 225th Pulaski Massacre Reenactment]

September 22-25, 2006

Lake Manahawkin, New Jersey

Cast of Historic Characters

(Reenactors in Parenthesis)

Bacon and the Loyalists – 3 wounded at Cedar Bridge

Captain John Bacon – (William Treusch)

₤50 Sterling bounty for capture or death - boat "Hero’s Revenge"

Bacon’s wife

Bacon’s brother

Brewer – shot Sylvester Tilton

Ickabod Johnson – ₤25 Sterling bounty for capture

wounded and dies at Woodmansee home

William Wilson (at Manahawkin and Barnegat Light) employed by Soper

The Burlington Militia

Captain Richard Shreve – (Mitch Baker)

Captain Edward Thomas –

Benjamin Shreve – uncle of Richard

Robert Reckless - wounded

Joel Cook

John Stewart of Arneytown

William Cook, Jr. (killed at Cedar Bridge at Bacon’s hands)

horse wounded – he jumps in water

Barnegat Light Massacre

Captain David Scull (Alligator)

Captain Joseph Conover (Covehhoven)

Lieutenant Andrew Steelman - killed

Reuben Soper

Joseph Soper

Hezekiah Soper

William Wilson – traitor who brings Bacon to wreck

Team that Captured (killed) Bacon at William Rose Tavern

Captain Stewart

Joel Cook

John Brown

Thomas Smith

John Jones

Unnamed man

Girl that overhears location

The Manahawkin Militia – Company 5 – 2nd Monmouth

Captain Rueben Fitz Randolph (b1734) – tied up at tree by Bacon

Nathan Crane (adjunct) Lieutenant

Michael Bennett

Jeremiah Bennett

Samuel Bennett

Israel Bennington

Joseph Brown – 1st

Joseph Brown – 2nd

Joseph Camburn

Thomas Chamberlain

William Casselman

Luke Courtney

Job Randolph

Seth Crane

Amos Coffee

David Howell

David Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Kelson

Phillip Palmer, Jr.

Benjamin P. Pearson

Enoch Read

David Smith

Joseph Soper – boat builder and former employer of Bacon

Reuben Soper

Linus Pangborn (killed at Manahawkin 12/3/1782) – leaves widow (Anna Hazelton)

Sylvester Tilton (injured at Manahawkin)

Jesse Marsch – Ensign

Thomas Randolph

Zachariah Southard

Jenny Sutton

Silas Crane







Joshua Studson – killed by Bacon on Jan 1, 1781

John Holmes of Forked River – robbed by Bacon

Captain Zephaniah Steelman – killed by Bacon

Seth Crane and David Johnson – avoid Bacon on bay

Governor William Livingston – put price of ₤50 on Bacon’s Head

William Rose – proprietor of Tavern (house) where Bacon is killed

Price – family robbed by Bacon

William Franklin – last loyalist governor – did he give Bacon commission?

Crane Family – employed Bacon in Manahawkin

Ocean County Dates for Revolutionary War

Chestnut Neck - Mullica river 10/6/1778

Pulaski Massacre - 10/15/1778 Incident at Little Egg
British Regulars raid from Clam Town to Shrewsbury

Destroying salt works on the way 9/1/81

Manahawkin Skirmish - 12/30/81

British Burn Toms River – March 24, 1782
Joshua Huddy Affair- April 12, 1782

Almost derailed peace treaty
Barnegat Light Massacre - Oct 25, 1782
Battle of Cedar Bridge - Dec 27, 1782
Death (murder) of John Bacon - April 3, 1783

Goal – to preserve and honor the site of the

Last Battle of the American War of Independence

"Any other state would have a monument,

a gift shop, and maybe a wax museum."

~Local historian


Model of Cedar Bridge Inn – c1750

Model constructed by Steven Brescia and Joan Wiley

Current owner of historic inn – Rudolph Koenig


Sign post on Manahawkin Walking Bridge

Old Stone Store – c1838 (left)

Manahawkin RR Station – 1872 (left)

Cedar Bridge Inn – 8 miles (right)

Batsto – 15 miles (left)

Clamtown – 8 miles (left)

Children’s Rides (right)

Stafford Museum (left)

Barnegat Light – 8 miles (right)

Battle of Monmouth – 50 miles (right)

Trenton – 50 miles (right)

Yorktown – 200 miles (left)

Old Baptist Church - c1758 (right)

Craft Vendors (right)

Sutlers (right)

Rest Rooms (right)

London 2800 miles (right)

Future Event Dates

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

2004 9/03/04 9/04/04 9/05/04

2005 9/02/05 9/03/05 9/04/05

2006 9/01/06 9/02/06 9/03/06

225th Skirmish at Manahawkin

2007 8/31/07 9/01/07 9/02/07

225th Battle of Cedar Bridge

225th Barnegat Light Massacre

2008 8/29/08 8/30/08 8/31/08

225th Death of Bacon

250th Anniversary of Old Manahawkin Baptist Church